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About Krav Maga and Self Defence

about-kravmaga-milton-keynes Krav Maga is hebrew for "close combat" and derives from the street fighting skills of Imi Lichtenfeld during the 1930’s.

It was developed by the Israeli special forces to teach soldiers close quarter combat.

The aim of Krav maga is to quiclkly and efficiently deal with a threat. No nonsense, just effective offensive and defensive techniques.

This is what makes Krav Maga world renowned as a realistic self defence system. It is easy to learn and has been developed to cater for military, law enforcement and civilian purposes.

Krav Maga is used by law enforcement agencies, security services and the military worldwide and now you can learn cutting edge techniques in Milton Keynes. And best of all, it is both fun and enjoyable to learn.

About Our Krav Maga Training in Milton Keynes

kravmagalogoOur professional, full time instructors run classes, workships and seminars with a no nonsense approach to self defence.

Our goal is to teach students to be able to quickly and effectively defend themselves.

Our civilian approach is designed to work for a smaller person against a larger opponent.

You won't learn martial arts in the traditional sense.

You'll learn efective strategies against what is commonly faced on the streets.

Our classes cater to all levels and abilities and fitness. We have a fun and friendly environment. You may want to learn self defence, get fit or just learn a new skill. Whatever your goal, we can help.

Contact us for more information and to start your free trial.

We're confident that if you try it you'll love it.

How to join Our  Self Defence classes?

   Joining our classes is easy, either call us on 01908 632347 or fill out this form and we will going to get back to you soon.


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Benefits of Krav Maga

Perhaps the most common question here at Krav Maga Milton Keynes is “what are the benefits of Krav Maga?” There are many reasons to start but here is a short list:

1 – Learn Realistic Self Defence

Self defence training is not the same as sport martial arts training. Sports martial arts has many benefits but it lacks the realistic approach to self defence that you'll find in Krav Maga. If you want to learn realistic strategies for self defence then Krav Maga Milton keynes can help.

2 –  Gain Confidence

Self belief and confidence are developed from realising your own success. In Krav Maga you'll learn techniques to defend yourself. They are easy to learn and wil help develop your confidence, not just at training, but in the rest of your life. Self defence training will help you believe in yourself and this turns into self confidence not found in other sports.

3 – Get fit!

Fitness is a major reason people turn to martial arts because you get a full body work out. Martial arts atheletes are renowned for being the fittest around. Improve your endurance, strength and stamina with Krav Maga classes. In no time you be feeling and looking great.

4 – De-Stress

Stress is a part of our daily lives.As we all know this can have serious implecations for your health. Krav Maga lessons are great way to take out this stress in a positive and fun environment.

There are many more benefits to be gained. If you want to get started just call us or fill in the contact us form for a free trial.



These are just some of the benefits of kravmaga training and we are confident you will find many more. Please fill out the form to get more information and start gaining all these and more at Krav Maga Milton Keynes.kravmaga-training-milton-keynes